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Have a little fun taking our April 2020 automotive trivia quiz.  Look for our future quiz features in our TCVCC Blog.  We'd like to thank our friends at AmericanTorque.com for some of these questions.
Some of our trivia is pretty simple and then we've got some trivia that's for the gearheads in the crowd.

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What was the official name for Buick Port Holes?

1956 Buick

Who was the "Boss", as in the Boss 302 and Boss 429 Mustangs?

Mustang Boss

Starting with what model year did all US cars come equipped with dual master cylinder brake systems?
Dual Brake Master

What was the first mass-produced OHV V8?

Car Engine

The Chevy 409 is the bigger version of what engine?

Chevy 409

In what year did Chrysler first officially use the "Hemi" name?

Chrysler Logo

When did Chevrolet begin producing their famous small block engine?

Chevy Small Block

In what year did Pontiac's V8 debut?

Pontiac Strato-Streak

Why did the Mustang get bigger for 1971?

1971 Mustang

The decal on this Buick Nailhead says "Wildcat 445".  What is 445?

Buick Nailhead

Chevy's first 427 (Z11) advertised at 430HP and 435f/p of torque, 13.5:1 compression and dual 4 barrels. How many were built?

Chevy 427

In what model year did Pontiac start using the split grille and the arrowhead emblem?

Pontiac GTO

In what year(s) was the "California Special" edition of the Mustang available?

Mustang California Special

What model year did Pontiac's Tri-Power (3-2bbl carbs) become available?

Pontiac Tri-Power

When did Chrysler make their first (automotive) engine with hemi combustion chambers?

Hemi Heads

What model BMW is pictured above?

Mystery BMW

In what year was Cadillac founded?

1949 Cadillac

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