Antique C8

How about an antique C8 Corvette?

Story by Rachelle (Rocky) Grady

It's not everyday you see a brand new car with an antique license plate.  Meet 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray.  Eagle was ordered 10/16/2019 from Wallace Chevrolet.  Eagle should have been a 2020 Stingray but due to strikes, shutdowns, union problems, Covid issues and parts availability, he was delayed.

Ed Vossen, my salesman, was very good about keeping us informed.  Henry, my husband, convinced me NOT getting the 1st year production of this radically changed mid-engine Super Car was not a big deal.  In fact, we all know the 1st year of any new concept car has small kinks that get worked out in year two.  Yes, a 2021 for the same agreed upon price would work.  No changes made to the original colors and options.  Eagle was in production!  Before I continue with the license plate, a word about Super Cars.  Some of you reading this might say Eagle doesn't qualify as a Super Car because of his price.  Before the C8 was built, I would have agreed.  A Super Car has always been a six or seven figure car.  But, now I'm not so sure.  Eagle has crossed the border.  Money aside, this car has it all and I can tell you he attracted attention at the January 16th car show in Hobe Sound.  I nailed the color combination of Shadow Grey Metallic and Red Leather, stitching and calipers.

So, 01/06/2021 the car arrives in Stuart, FL.  No warning ahead of time.  After almost 15 months, bang...the Eagle has landed.  I picked up Henry from our warehouse about 1/2 mile away from the dealer.  The drive over I kept thinking, "if the paint has an orange peel finish, the deal is off".  Fit and finish always have to be right.  Just ask Henry.  Sometimes he can hardly stand the little things I see that (according to him) no one else would ever see.  To my surprise and delight, my new boy is almost perfect.  The ONLY people that can see more flaws on cars are John and Don.  They met us there to help with the look/see and for emotional support since I was like a dog wagging myself apart with joy and anticipation.  Don found a small scratch.  Wow...that brought me back down to earth.  The car disappeared into the back of the service department and Henry & I were ready for the PAPERWORK.

Why is it, whenever you say "I'm paying cash", the finance guy is your next stop?

Really, just send me to the cashier...I wanna play!  Oh, what the heck, I can have a little fun with this guy.  You know what these guys hate?  A lady reading the 300 pages of legal nonsense before signing on the bottom line or initialing here and there.  And finding a mistake or two.  No biggie, the money was right and I didn't argue about the dealer fee this time.  Next..."Mrs. Grady, do you have proof of insurance and an existing plate you'll be transferring?"  "Yes I do" to both requests.  The insurance acceptance was on my phone in the form of a paragraph of words, NOT an insurance card.  This was unacceptable.  A copy of an insurance card was needed and by now the agency was closed.  And the plate?  "Here's the registration to my 1972 Triumph Stag...we have a buyer lined up".  Mr finance guy said that would work and he'd get the transfer done for me.  I didn't have the plate in my hand but what the heck?  He's the numbers guy, he'd see that the Stag was 49 years old.

Well, I guess stranger things have happened but this is my funniest by far.  Tallahassee accepted the tag and the finance guy had my new registration printed out and neatly folded in an envelope with my new insurance card that I had faxed directly to him.  It's in the glove box ready for me to present to the first cop that stops me for being illegal.  You can't make this stuff antique C8 Stingray...the car from the future.